April 19, 2010

Place #6

We left here Christmas of 2006, just a few weeks away from Briley turning one. I had never been so incredibly happy to hear where we were moving. Edmond, Ok! This is home. It will always and forever be home. We found out in November of '06 that Casey got a job at The Unversity of Central Oklahoma {UCO} in the Athletic Department as their Marketing Director. We were thrilled...I was overjoyed! I couldn't get home fast enough. My parents were beyond excited and we just knew that God did it all!

We moved in with my parents till we could find a house. It was so generous of them to let us do that. We searched for houses for 2 months, everything in our price range was a dump. Seriously people? You own a house but yet your trash cans look better than the inside of your house. We were I was discouraged big time. I didn't want to go back to work just to afford a decent house, that's just nonsense. Finally we found a house. Again we found it on our own and we called a local Realtor to help us put in an offer. The house was only on the market for one day before it was ours!

I fell in love with this house. The back yard is decent size and the living room is red. Those two things pretty much sold me on the house. I was super excited that we finally found a house in a good neighborhood too.

We are still living in this house. This house has been through a lot. A hail storm that tore up our roof, a garage door that broke, a shelf that fell in the garage which held all our paint {we now have paint splatter on the walls and door}, it has a faulty foundation {we are getting this fixed in the next couple weeks}, there are only 3 closets in this house, the windows need to be replaced, there are stains in the carpet, there are two different styles of tile in the kitchen and dining room, the master bathroom shower had to be torn out and replaced {the guest bath needs to be done too}, the kitchen got a paint makeover, the dining room is in the middle of a paint makeover. There are so many "bad" things about this house that make it a thorn in my side and make me want to move pronto. Yet, beyond the stains and it's faultiness, so many wonderful things have happened in this house, Briley turned 1, 2, 3 and 4 in this house, we've hosted many lifegroup nights here, we have friends that come over all the time, my parents live within 15 minutes, I started working {City of Edmond} again, Casey found new avenues for work and is happy now, I found out I was pregnant with our second baby in this house, I lost my second baby in this house, I've cried in this house, I've laughed in this house, I brought my Son home to this house, I get to stay home again and we are homeschooling in this house. This house is ours whether I like the house or not doesn't really matter. What matters is that God provided it for us and I owe it to him to make the best of it.

So many memories have been and will be made in this house. We strive everyday to make this house work for us. We know it is not for long term, but for now it is home.