April 18, 2010

Place #4 and #5

Sorry this is one day late! I had a busy day today and didn't get this on in time. Enjoy!

I left you with us living here. So, do you want to know what all the crying was about? Well, Casey was taking me back to God's Country! Oklahoma! Casey got a job at Oral Roberts University {ORU} in Marketing for the Athletic Department. I was ecstatic to be moving to Tulsa, we had several friends that lived there and it didn't feel that far away from home.

So our journey started again. Four weeks after he was hired we moved. We rented another U-Haul, had our Church friends and my parents help us pack up and leave. It was bittersweet. I hated Wichita {not the people we met just the other things, like the Ghetto}, but I knew God had great things in store for us.

Casey went to Tulsa two weeks before I did, so that he could start work and find us a place to live. He stayed with our friend Jess in Tulsa during this time. He looked and looked and looked for place to live. We wanted a house. It was time. Apartment life was not for us anymore. Finally, about a week before I was coming to Tulsa he found a house. It was a very OLD house that was about 1800 sq. feet. That was HUGE to us, coming from a 700 sq. ft. apartment. The let us have Harley and there was a huge yard. The house was so old that we couldn't put anything up on the walls, the plaster walls were crumbling behind the paneling. Yes, you read that right...PANELING! I named this house the "Paneled Palace". This house had a huge front porch and an unfinished basement. I am not a fan of attics or basements, so I maybe went down there 5 times. Crazy I know, but I am who I am. The owners of the house owned a restaurant next door, but yet they never invited us to come eat there...how rude.

Our house was located in Jenks, Ok. I thought I liked Derby, but nothing {at that time} was like Jenks. Small town, but with a HUGE city across the river. I was so incredibly happy. Casey loved his job and just a few months after he was hired he helped hire one of his friends Nick from WSU, who has become one of our great friends {he and his wife}. Jenks is a great little town. The school system is awesome and the neighborhoods are very nice. One of my favorite things about Jenks was the Trading Post. The Trading Post was an antique store. I always found something there. Actually there were tons of antique stores in Jenks. Kinda what they were known for before the Aquarium and the RiverWalk Crossings came.

Los Cabos was at the RiverWalk Crossing. By far my favorite Mexican Restaurant in the Tulsa area. If you are ever in Jenks, make sure you eat there.

Back to the house. That house was the place I found out I was pregnant with Briley. It hosted many LifeGroup meetings. It started the Annual Moore Christmas Party. It was a thorn in my side, but yet it felt like home. We lived in that house for 13 months. We were having a baby in a couple months and we needed something permanent. We set out to buy a house. We found a great Realtor Lynette Acebo. She was the best. We wore her out, I am pretty sure we looked at over 30 houses. Buying a house is stressful. One day we went to an open house for sale by owner. I LOVED it! We called Lynette and made an offer. Within 24 hours, the house was ours!
Isn't she cute!

We moved in September '05 and had Briley in January '06. We absolutely loved this house. The only thing we didn't like was the paint color in the master bedroom and how small the dining room was {at least that's what I didn't like}. Other than those things it was great! We put our hammock up between 2 trees in the backyard and we enjoyed many great evenings in the yard.

This is the house that we brought Briley home to,where if it rained too much our back patio would flood; this is where our neighbors would bring us good HOME COOKED meals; where many LifeGroup meetings took place; this is where I saw my first house fire {house across the street}; this house has so many sweet memories, I miss it.

We lived in this house for 15 months, before yet again we moved. It was so hard leaving Jenks, but where were we headed? Come back tomorrow to find out.

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