November 2, 2010

Etsy Day {Birds}

Have you noticed that birds are everywhere now a days? I love it. I've never been a HUGE fan of birds but I love all the cute decorations that people have now. To be honest REAL birds kinda freak me out. They are so unpredictable. Just like cats {you'll never see an Etsy Day about cats}. All the bird things I found on Etsy are super cute. I wish I could afford to buy all these yummies up. I hope you enjoy!

Made by Babe a Gogo
Made by Craft Smith
Wall art Made By Tutika
Made By Tweet
Bird Ring Made By Dillon Designs
How cute are these? Made By Bliss Monkey Studio
Made By Banana Bear
Coin Purse Made By bagitarian
Made By Zany Hoopla

Aren't all these bird things so cute? Hope you found something you like!

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