October 26, 2010

Etsy Day {Orange}

Since Halloween is coming up this week, I thought I would post some items that are Orange. I personally have not always loved the color Orange. If you live in Oklahoma, the color Orange has been and will always be a wretched color if you are an OU {The University of Oklahoma} fan. 95% of the time you will not find an OU fan wearing any kind of Orange especially during football season. You see the color Orange is one of the colors of OU's rivals; OSU {Oklahoma State University}. I am in the 5% that will wear Orange. It has nothing to do with being a fan of either team, it's just...I love the color Orange and have for about a year now. All that to say, this weeks Etsy theme is Orange. I hope you enjoy!

Isn't this cocoon so cool? The baby is not to bad either. Made by Captured Imagination
Boot Leg Warmers by Lesha's Workshop
Halloween Bucket by Tree Frog Creations
I'm in love with scarfs right now and this one is so pretty. Made by Janny's Girl
LOVE this bag by Art on Crafts
Cute mittens by knithappens cute name too!
Sweet little bow by Two Little Ladies
I love just about anything that has to do with the kitchen {except the trash} and I want this tea towel. 
I wish I could pull of a hat like this. Made by Pixiebell
Fun earrings by Jen Jewelry
I would so have one of these, if I drank coffee. Made by Natalya's Studio
 so sweet, crocheted booties by babycare
What a cute outfit! Made by Just Kidding
Love this pillow by de de etsy shop

Do you like the color Orange? Hope you found something that you like.

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