October 19, 2010

Etsy Day {Baby}

I saw a post on a blog today {for the life of me I can't remember what the blog was, if you know will you tell me, I would like to give her credit} that had her favorite Etsy.com items. I thought...what a great idea! So I am making Tuesdays my Etsy Day. Each week I will showcase different items from certain topics. I hope you enjoy them. Esty.com is the best!

 Guitar Soap by Mels Fun Suds
Are these cute or what!
Washcloth Cupcakes by Babycakes and Decor
Crochet Washcloths by YadYarn
Crib Bedding by Nana's Joy
I love the black, white and red!
Giraffe Blanket by My Wooby and Me
Skull and Bones Blanket by Drool On...
I'm loving this blanket.
Bus Bib by Little Pigeon
Mad Plaid bib by Allie Craft
Love for Africa Onesie by little.blue.feather.
So cute!
Luxe Peacock Felt Baby Booties by ShesSoCrafty Goods
These are adorable! I wish she had them in Briley's size.
Crochet Loafers by Catherine Audoyer
So cute
Zebra Burp Rags by Sweet Dreams and Cozy Things
These look so soft!
Organic Hemp Cloth Diapers by MamaNatures Designs
These make me want to use cloth diapers.
Ouch Pouch by Ouch Pouch
I so need one of these!
Ruffle Bottom Bloomers by Three Yellow Starfish
Crochet hat with flower by Ona Jeans
this lil girl makes me want to have more babies...look at those eyes
Football Beanie by Charlie Mai
wish I would have seen this when Briggs was little
Nursing Cover by X Marks the Tot
I thought this was pretty clever
Prestige Ring Sling by SnuggyBaby
Alphabet Soup Toy by Play to Learn
I want one of these. So cute
Posh Legs by Posh Pipsqueak
I thought these were funny!

Well there you go. Hope you see something that you like, I know I did!

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