August 9, 2010

My Simple Womans Daybook

Outside my window... My shades are not open because it is to hot and I don't want the heat to come in through my huge windows

I am thinking...I need to be in prayer a lot today and pick my words wisely. I've been really emotional lately and I don't know what my deal is. I know God does so I need to talk to him...

I am thankful for... The fun time my family had with our Lifegroup at Marval Family Resort

From the learning room...I should be getting my timeline for KONOS today. I am also working on my lesson plans for the 3 classes I am teaching at Co-op. 1 games class and 2 art classes :)

From the kitchen...We finally went to the store last night and boy did we need EVERYTHING!

Monday-  Sausage and Egg Burritos
Wednesday- Stromboli
Thursday- Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Couscous, Salad
Friday-  Chicken Pizza
Sunday- We have birthday parties at my parents house so we will probably just eat dinner there.

I am wearing...the only thing left in my flower p.j. pants and a black tank...dude I even have a nursing bra on because all my other ones are dirty...

I am creating...not much this week. I really need to be focusing on God and listening to what he wants me to do and not what others think I need to do.

I am going...
Monday- Drop off rental car and pick up Casey's meds.
Tuesday- nowhere
Wednesday- Shoot a video for The City of Edmond, Workout and Lifegroup
Thursday- Sadie's birthday party and then a Home school Expo
Friday- Library
Saturday-going to Tulsa for Fletcher's 1st birthday party
Sunday-Church and family birthday parties at my parents house.

I am reading... The WORD

I am hoping...I can get out of this funk, seriously I don't like being this emotional.

I am hearing...Briley tell me knock-knock jokes

Around the house...unpacking from our trip and doing tons of laundry...did you see what I am wearing today?

One of my favorite things...watching Briggs crawl into Briley's room just he can play with her. I really hope their friendship stays forever.

Pictures for the week
First night at Marval Resort
Briggs down at the river
Briley down at the river...the water was so cold
Briggs in our cabin
4 of the 11 kids we had with us down at the river...the kids had a blast!

Have a great week!

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