May 7, 2010

My Mom

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I would introduce you to my Mom and tell you a little about her. My mom is Debbie Francis, one of the most beautiful persons I know. Not only is she beautiful from the outside but her inside is beyond anything I can describe. I truly wish I could be 1/2 the mom she is.

I am her only child by birth, but she has many children in her heart. She's never crossed a child that she didn't fall in love with and they love her too. My mom did everything and anything for me, and I so under appreciated her growing up and probably still do. She is generous, loving, hilarious, kind, crazy, tender-hearted, caring, a Christ Follower and many other words that describe the perfect mom. She is MY mom and I am very protective of her. I would do anything for her and she supports me through everything, even when she doesn't agree.

If you don't know my mom, you are SO missing out. She is my best friend and God knew exactly what he was doing when he blessed me with her. If you know my mom will you leave a comment and tell me what you like/love about my mom...May 10th is also her birthday so this is also for her birthday!

Here is my mom in pictures...

My Mom is at the top along with her parents and 2 of her sisters

That me in her tummy

Nice fro mom

She laughs loud, but I love hearing it {except when my kids are asleep}

I don't even want to know what she was thinking wearing that outfit...nice legs though

Mom and dad {He's a lucky man}

Where's poor eye

She loves me unconditionally

This is our only family picture and our hair looked like that...

Then she became a Momo and Briley loves her Momo more than life.

Momo and Briley

I told you she is crazy

Green is her favorite color

She's a Momo again

So glad my kids will grow up around my parents...such a blessing to be able to do that

Me and my Mom

I love you Mom! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and Birthday!

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