April 13, 2010

b Jar

I've had a huge glass jar since before Briley was born.

We used said jar for doggie treats for Harley 

then once cleaned we used it for Briley's diaper necessities. See it up there?

After we were done with diapering Briley we used it to hold a bunch of lemons in my dining room {I don't have any pics of it with the lemons}. Now that Briggs is here we use it again for diaper necessities. The entire time I've had it, I've wanted to put a monogram on it. I just never took the time to do it. Now that I have my pretty red Cricut, I am invincible when it comes to personalizing ev.er.y.thing. To you it may look okay, but to me it's a finished project that I am proud to say only took me 10 minutes total! 

Hope you like it...

The beginning project

My b stencil made with my Cricut

Now it's done

and at home!

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