April 15, 2010

Oh, The Places We've Lived

Casey and I have been married for almost 8 years {time sure does fly} and for once in our marriage we have lived in one place longer than 18 months. Is it normal for newly married people to move that much? I thought we were nuts. Since we lived in several different places I thought I would take the time to tell you about where we lived. I don't know if you all care at all, but it just sounded like a couple of good blog posts. So for the next couple days you will get a tour of the places we've called home.

First up is Graford, Texas. When Casey and I got married {2002} I lived in Edmond, OK and he lived in Graford, TX. So I packed my stuff, put on my spurs and cowgirl hat {not really} and headed South. I thought WOW this is the life. Get married and move away, it was really cool, coming from the girl that lived at home till she got married.

Why Graford, in Palo Pinto County, town of 600? We worked at Camp Grady Spruce which is located on Possum Kingdom Lake. We lived in a remodeled duplex, which you had to walk through bedrooms to get to the kitchen. It wasn't the worst house we've lived in and it was free housing {it was included in Casey's salary}. Our backyard was the lake, our yard was full of stickers and other pointy things. We would often wake up to the sounds of either wild turkey's or coyotes. There was an over-population of deer, but it was so neat to see them everyday! We even named one One-Eyed Willie, she was a sweet one, not scared of us at all.

Our house had been taken over by termites, so that was fun. I called our house "The Crapper", nice huh! Next door was another house that our friends Chad and Shannon lived in. It was nice to finally get neighbors. Side note, we once saw a HUGE snake slither up a tree...who knew that snakes could live in trees?

I am a city girl. 

Up the road made of super soft sand lived our great friends Mike and Joanne. We were over there all the time. They even let me borrow their washer and dryer before we got ours {our laundry room was in our sand carport, no dropping clothes out there}. Mike and Jo {as her hubs calls her} have 2 precious kids Parker and Sydney. While we lived there I was their nanny, Parker and I had a blast together and we couldn't wait till Syd was born...she was so fun too, I loved being a nanny for them.

We didn't have asphalt roads, street lights, central heat and air, grass, or chain grocery stores. We had your typical greasy spoon restaurants, locally owned grocery store, and one pizza place. If you needed groceries you had to drive 30 minutes to either Mineral Wells or Graham and for any clothes shopping you had to drive all the way to Weatherford.

Life was easy there. We quickly learned that God didn't intend for us to take the easy way forever. After 9 months of living there we packed up and headed to Derby, KS. Come back tomorrow to hear that story!

This is Hell's Gate right across from the Main Camp! Beautiful site to look at everyday!

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