February 7, 2010

Month of Love Day 7

The little things

It's the little things in any marriage that make it so special. Are there things in your marriage that just make you smile when they happen. Let me give some examples.

Casey and I were dating about 3 months when we first said I love you since then we've never gone a day or phone conversation with out saying it to each other. It's always been our thing, and I love it. Some people may think by saying it so much it would water down the meaning, but not to me...it makes me smile every single time.

Other little things that are great in a marriage, opening car doors, taking the trash out, giving the kids their baths, hiding the bottle of crown royal from each other...okay so not everyone does that. Story:  we found a small unopened bottle of crown royal still in the nice purple bag, in our house when we moved in and we thought it would be funny to hide it from each other in weird places, so who ever finds it has to then hid it from the other person.

Sending sweet messages on twitter or facebook, reading your blog, letting your child buy you flowers when you go to Sams, putting you to bed every night with a kiss, letting you always pick the movie out, calling you in the middle of the day to see how things are going at home, bringing leftovers home for you from a business lunch (because you don't get to go out much anymore), letting you live out your dream of staying home even though there are sacrifices that have to be made.

Telling you that you look beautiful, even when you feel like bung. Going to the store to buy you those secret products that you need monthly. Serving at church...that's my favorite one, there's something intoxicating, about serving the Lord with such passion.

What are the little things in your marriage?

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