February 6, 2010

Month of Love Day 6

The Little Gym

If you have never heard or been to a Little Gym, I highly recommend going. The Little Gym (TLG) is a non-competitive gymnastics facility. When Casey and I lived in Tulsa I worked at the Tulsa TLG as their Gym Director. I loved that job. We had classes for ages 4mo-12. When I had Briley I took her to classes there and she loved it. They would do parachute time, bubble time, and exploration time. The kids just love it.

If I had a bazillion dollars I would open a TLG location here in Edmond. There used to be one but they closed several years ago. If you get a chance go check out the one in OKC or Tulsa, you can do a free class your first time. Try it I am sure you will like it. I would love to get Briley in classes again but it's a little far from Edmond to get to the one in OKC.

What other unique places are there for kids? Let me know what you've come across.

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