February 3, 2010

Month of Love Day 3


Where would we all be if we didn't have friends. I know my life would be miserable if I didn't have my friends. Some friends have come and gone, others have come and actually stayed (they must of liked something about me). There are those friends that you could go months or even years without talking to, but the minute you call them or see them it's like time NEVER passed. I have several friends like that, there's just something special about them. There are friends you would do anything for and they would do the same for you. I am blessed to say that I have a lot...I mean A LOT o friends just check out my facebook page. But is that what it's all about, how many friends I can have on facebook? Nope, not to me. To me, friends are the ones who call you to see how you are feeling after you've puked your guts up. They are the ones who laugh at you when you need to be laughed at. They are the ones who will give you advice on just about anything whether you really want it or not, I still learn something every time. My friends are the ones who will ask me how my walk with Christ is. They keep me accountable. My friends are the ones who tell me I'm beautiful when I feel like Walmart crud. They are the first ones who are at your door step when tragedy hits. True friends are family.

Like I said I have a lot of friends and I really wouldn't be who I am without every single one of them. Now I would like to say a few words to just a hand full of them.

Byrony- You've been my friend for almost 20 years (gee we're old). Once college came around we got busy and you became that friend that I would talk to every once in awhile and it was like time never passed. You are so much a part of my past, the past that I love. I know time to talk lately has been nonexistent...life is busy for us all! Just know that there is not a week that goes by that I don't think about you and how you are doing. That little girl that calls you mommy is a very lucky girl. You are strong, courageous, faithful, beautiful, somewhat of a genius, seriously ya'll she's one of the smartest people I know. I know you will always be there, you truly care and I will always love you. When's our anniversary cruise????

Kristin- We've been friends pretty much since you met your husband in our Country Line Dancing Class. You my friend, had me at hello. You are one of the coolest friends I have. You know what you love and you do it. You don't take life for granted. I love your family, your boys are just precious, and I adore your husband...what a great example of a Godly man. I've had so much fun with you over the past 10 years. I just wish we didn't so far apart. Fourth of July in '03 was by far one of the best...you peeing behind the blanket, riding on someones lap because we didn't have room for all of us in the car. Oh ya remember the time I thought you were wearing bike shorts when you were pregnant with Cole...only to find out you weren't...oops (I got hit hard for that one). You are too incredible to describe, but I am glad to call you MY friend. We might have become friends through our boyfriends, now husbands, but I can only think that God would have made us cross paths somewhere along the way.

Megan-We've been friends for a little over 10 years and yet, I feel like I've known you since birth. You are that friend that will just tell me like it is. One of my favorite things from our past is when we would be at the boys house on Everest and Ro would mess with your hair and you would flip out..."don't touch my hair Ro" then slap him on the arm. That use to make me laugh every time, b/c he would just do it to tick you off. Gotta love Ro Daddy. I absolutely love the woman God has made you in to. You are a Christ follower, a wife (to a wonderful man I might add), a mommy to 2 adorable kids, a fierce fighter, a friend for life and a beautiful woman. I've learned so much from you over the years and I thank you for everything.

I'm going to lump these next two together...because I can. Erryn and Ali-We've only known each other for 2 years now. Feels like much longer.Once I got to know you two, I finally learned what it meant to be a friend. I was a lost girl out there, who pretty much just had my mom here in Edmond to call my friend. When we joined the Kaleo lifegroup my life changed drastically. My life will never be the same again. Erryn, your zest for life is exhausting, I wish I had a teaspoon of your energy. You make me laugh and I love your sincere heart. How in the world did we not become friends earlier in life. Working at Camp Olympia you would have thought we would have known each other. God had a plan though. I told Casey awhile back that I am glad we didn't know each other at camp, because I wouldn't have wanted to be in your lifegroup...not a knock on you but because we didn't want to know anyone in the group, we wanted a fresh start. God knew what he was doing, didn't he. I am so glad that I have these two women to go shopping with, to talk to about our kids, to vacation with, and to grow even stronger in Christ with. Ali, you are super woman. This girl makes me look good when I have a fresh hair cut and groomed brows, but more than that she makes me want to be a better person. You are wise beyond your years and I only wish I could have had as much depth as you do when I was your age. Thanks to you both for being the first ones on my door step. You'll never know how much that means.

I have many more friends that I could go on about, but these women are the ones I would drive hours to be there for if they needed it. They are the ones who accept me for who I am and help build me up to be that better person that God wants me to be. I love you all, and this was well over due. Don't be bummed if I didn't mention you...I love you too and there will be a day that I will tell you just how much.


megan k said...

I love you to friend. I don't have many of em anymore, but I am so glad I still have you. :) love ya

You know why ro got beat down when he touched my hair? He had clammy hands!! B/c they were clammy they'd pull my hair, plus any moisture on this bad boy hair of mine will make it curl like a slinky. :)

Kristin said...

You know I am not good at reading blogs...but I know I need to make an effort! Everytime I sit down to read your's and Megan' blogs, I can be here rolling and crying for hours!!! My mom left a message that I needed to read your blog for this day...so this would be one of the crying moments!!! Thank you for the kind words and the reminising! I love you, too...and YOU had me at Hello!!!!