February 2, 2010

Month of Love Day 2

Being Pregnant

I love being pregnant...even though my last one was just tiny bit rough, I still love it. I love how round my belly gets, I love that strangers (some strangers I could do with out) will come and talk to me about the baby, I love the anticipation of finding out what sex the baby is (I have no paitience to not find out) and for the arrival of the baby. I love maternity clothes, I don't like how expensive they have gotten  but I do love the clothes.

I love how people won't let me do anything when I'm pregnant but yet come back with a story of when they were pregnant they were pulling all nighters, running 5 miles and bowling on Fridays. I love how my husband stepped up and did so much more around the house, given I couldn't reach the bottom of the washing machine basin so someone had to get the clothes out for me.

What I loved the most was feeling each of my babies move around in me. What a God thing. Something made just for us women, I personally think God was giving us little tastes of goodness before the pain of birth came. I love the momma waddle. I had that down to an art form. I often got the "oh you poor thing" look from people at the store, work, church...pretty much everywhere. I love how every person is different in how they carry their babies. With Briley I was more like a watermelon and gained 29lbs. With Briggs I was more like a basketball and gained 10lbs. My belly button never popped with either of them, I always wanted it too though.

Here are some must haves while pregnant (my opinion)
Diet Drinks
Drawstring pants I'm in love with these
A good Mexican Restaurant: by far my favorite
Layering Tank Tops
A good dress
Fake Ring This is the one that I bought...my fingers swelled & I didn't want the Dr. to have to cut my wedding ring off.
A good hair cut- Call Ali Ruhman if you are in the metro area!!!
Body Butter
A good doctor...Dr. Goff is the bomb dot com, he's a long lost brother of the Ogles...well he looks like it to me.

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megan k said...

I'm still in love with drawstring pants. :)