February 1, 2010

Month of Love Day 1


I love some good photography. I am not really good a taking pictures, I've learned by making mistakes. I know what works and what doesn't for us but to this day I know nada about photography. I don't know what lighting is best, I don't know what settings work best on my camera, I just don't know much. What I do know is good photography when I see it. I like all kinds of photography, but mostly I love pictures of people. There are stories to pictures of people, and I love a good story. One of my dear friends Megan is great at taking pictures, she loves taking pictures of nature and she's good at it. I remember when we went on vacation with them to Breckenridge, CO...she would stop at EVERY flower and take it's picture. I thought she was cuhrayzee, but what I learned is that, that is who she is and what she loves. She's good at it too, I saw some pictures that she took of some of her family and, I had to re-read who took them...she did a great job, I haven't told her that yet...Megan, you did a great job taking your family pics, I love the cute one of Abigail. You're gettin' good!

There are many more people out there that take amazing pics, so I thought I would link up to their sites. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. In no particular order:

Zach Nash
BrownHouse Photography Melissa has taken our family pictures a couple of times & I love them...she's something special.
The Pioneer Woman I have no words other than God blessed her with some amazing talents.
Eikon Art I don't know her but she's taken some pictures of some of my friends & she is so good.
Jennifer McKinney Photography
Randy Coleman


megan k said...

It's too early for me to cry. :) Thanks friend...

Jesi said...

It's official! You have 2 readers :)

I am sure there are more than that Jess, you know how people lurk on blogs. LOL.

I love good photography too, I wish I had an eye for it but I took a class in H.S. and wasn't so great at it. Maybe I will try again someday.

I can't wait to have Briggs in the Starry Night!

Melissa Brown said...

Oh, thanks for the link love Jessica! You guys are so sweet and it's always a privilege to share memories with your family and others.

Zach said...

Thanks for the link. It is quite appreciated.