February 4, 2010

Month of Love Day 4

(my definition:  self-doing something. Simple enough right, I say it like that so that it includes a lot different ideas)

I love crafts. It makes my heart leap for joy when I get to do them. Who doesn't like crafts? Ok so maybe my husbands heart doesn't leap for joy but I am sure it does when he sees how happy crafts make me.

Crafts are where I can let my creative side out for a bit. I am not super talented like my friend Kacie, God blessed her with creative juice that flows like the Mississippi River, mine only drips like a leaking faucet. However, I can see something that someone else has done make it (most of the time). My problem is, I just don't have the ideas upfront...like I said, I have to see something to spark my creativeness.

My lifegroup girls did a craft night before Christmas and I had a blast. Girls we need to do one again... Times like this are priceless, so if you have girlfriends or boyfriends do something creative with them. It's good for the soul and you get something cute for your house.

Here are some sites that I go to when I need some inspiration...check out my "Creative Folk" section for more sites that I like to navigate around

A Soft Place to Land
Blissfully Domestic
The Nesting Place love this site to death
Shanty2Chic I've done a couple of their ideas
Design Dazzle
Tatertots and Jello
Crafty Sisters

I really love going to Hobby Lobby and just looking around. I can usually get pretty inspired there, it's just all the inspiration costs me lots of money.

What sites do you all go to when you need some inspiration for crafts? I'd love to add more to my site.


Casey/Amie Stone said...

This is another site you should check out! She does a lot of card crafts & stamping! Very creative site I use & enjoy!

erin said...

I've been having fun checking out these links! I'm needing a lot of ideas for my new house.