February 15, 2010

Month of Love Day 14


Since today is Valentine's Day, I figured I would post about my Valentine. Casey and I met 11-12 years ago and for me there was just something about him that I had to have. I guess he wanted me too because 10 years and 2 kids later we are happier than ever!

If you don't know my husband very well, you are missing out. Everyone loves Casey. He's so friendly and has the greatest sense of humor. He tells me I stopped laughing at him years ago, but I just laugh on the inside...I need to work on that, he loves making people laugh and as his wife he needs to find the most laughter from me, so he doesn't go searching for it somewhere else :)

What I love about Casey:
That he's a follower of Christ
He serves Lord with such passion
He provides for our family
He's a giver
His legs...I've always loved his legs
His ice blue eyes
His hands- when he holds my hands I feel safe
His lips-those are reserved just for me :)
His creativity
His loyalty
I love that I have to buy his shirts because he doesn't know what looks good on him
How much he loves our kids- he's a papa bear...don't mess with his kids
His brain-he's the smartest person I know
He works his booty off for us
He helps around the house
He shaves his head-I love his shaved head
His willingness to let me decorate the house however I want to.

There is so much more that I love about him, but if I were to list them all in this post, it would never end. Just know one thing: I love this man, God made him just for me and I couldn't be more thankful for God blessing me with Casey.

I love you Caseadilla 

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