February 13, 2010

Month of Love Day 13


I love a well organized space. I'm pretty good at it, but don't come to my house looking for some glorious organized space...not gonna find it. That's because I have spent the past 3 years working full time. There is not a lot of time to be spent on organizing my house when all I want to do is spend time with my family and I never figured out how to combine the two with out making a bigger mess. Now that I get to stay home, my OCD is coming out. One problem I have is...my house is not working with me on getting things organized. I feel like I move things from one place to another just to move it again when I get to that location. Do we have too much stuff...probably, but I blame it more on not having enough storage space in our house. I have 3 closets in my entire house and they are all in bedrooms. I don't have a pantry, so we put wire shelving on our door to the laundry room. Most of my food storage is in the laundry room or the garage. I really don't get along with my house, I think it's cute and homey but we have a love hate relationship.

So one of my favorite places to look for organizing stuff is The Container Store. I walk in and it's like Heaven opened it's doors and I got through the Pearly Gates...Thank you Jesus. This place is awesome, when we lived in Texas I would always make sure I got to shop there while we were in the city. I mean come where else can you find clips that hold all your socks together so the dryer monster doesn't eat them.

Where do find your organization stuff and what are your secrets to keeping your house organized?

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