February 12, 2010

Month of Love Day 12


I love clothes. I am not a very trendy person, I inspire to be, but it's just not there on the outside. I love looking at what other people wear and how they put things together. My friends Kacie and Molly are pros at putting random things together and making it look great. I on the other hand would look like bung if I tried to put outfits together like they do...I just can't do it. Oh well, I will settle for playing around on Polyvore. If you haven't ever been to this site, you should try it. Beware, it is addicting.

I tend to shop for my clothes at Kohl's only because I get coupons, so getting something cheap wins out over style. Not that Kohl's is bad, I really do like their clothes but it's just not Tiger Lily, Lucca's, J.Crew, Gap or Banana Republic. I like all these stores but I just can't afford to pay for their clothes.

Where do you love to buy your clothes?

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Lindsay said...

I shop clearance at the nice stores. I really love Ann Taylor Loft in Edmond. Their original price is out of my league usually. However, I have scored great deals on sale merch! I've also hit clearances at The Limited lately and amazon.com! Sometimes I can find things on eBay for a fair deal! I really like In Style magazine- it helps me try new things!