August 5, 2009


It’s been awhile and for that I am sorry. I will TRY to make more appearances on here, but I’ve realized that since I’ve been doing Facebook and Twitter…you all already know what I am doing all the time. But this is still fun!

We went to Marval Family Resort in the middle of July. It’s located in Gore, OK on the Illinois River. I loved our time there. We stayed in a cozy, little cabin and roomed with a bunch of flies! Briley and I didn’t like them very much…they were not welcomed guest, so we did our best to show them where they belong…under a flyswatter! B’s pretty good at it.

First we left on Thursday (after the HUGE hail storm, that’s for another post) and stayed in Tulsa at the Doubletree, the room was great and Briley loved being there. Oh and the cookies are to die for. We got up Friday morning, had breakfast, and then headed out to see some old friends at ORU. Not much had changed there, a few new faces, but mostly everyone that we knew was still there. We felt right at home. It was great, I really miss those people. Never once did I feel unwelcome there. Anyway after some long remember when stories and people making fun of Casey and the guy who took Casey’s job, we left. We headed over the bridge to good old Jenks America. We drove by the rent house we lived in the “Paneled Palace”…the people there now are slobs, stuff everywhere. Then we headed over to the first house we ever bought. Not much had changed about it, they were getting a new roof and then had planted a few flowers and got a new mailbox but other than that still same sweet home. Briley didn’t understand that this house was the house she spent her 1st year of her life in. I miss that house…well most of it.

We then headed out to Fort Gibson, to visit Casey’s Dad’s grave. What incredible place to go. Almost all the headstones are the same, simply gorgeous! We didn’t stay long but just thinking about all the history in that place…we could’ve been there hours.

We finally made it to Marval and from the gate I was hooked. They know what they are doing and they do it great. We got to our cabin and unloaded the car and set out to see the sights. The river was amazing. It was so cold but that didn’t hinder us from walking across it and throwing rocks into it. Briley was becoming quiet the outdoors men. At least that is until we would see a spider or the mean crawdad (sp?) that tried to eat my toes off, ok so he/she didn’t really try to eat my toes off, but it did scare me. So if it’s a female is it called a crawmom? Just wondering.

We cooked dinner over the camp fire and we slept great! The next day we got up and let Briley go do some arts and crafts and she wanted to do a pink, purple and white Santa ornament. She did a great job too! Then we used the left over paint for the rocks. Later that day she got to go visit Santa and get a gift, then we rode the train and Santa rode with us, she was so excited, but the train was oh so uncomfortable! We played some more in the river and cooked over the camp fire again. Briley had her first smore, she loved it!

That’s pretty much it, I am sure I have forgotten something...I am pregnant if that matters in the equation.

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