August 10, 2009

Boy or Girl

So as most of you know we get to find out what we are having tomorrow. I am beyond excited; I don’t really remember being this impatient to find out what Briley was. My appointment is at 9:40am and I heard from my friend Jennifer who went to the same doctor Friday that she had to wait over an hour just to be taken to her room. So I am planning on not getting back to work till noonish. We are taking Briley and my mom. I don’t know that my mom has ever seen an ultrasound. She’s seen the pictures that come from them but not sure if she’s actually been to one. They didn’t use them back in the day when I was in her belly.

Briley is so excited, she keeps telling everyone “My baby will be here in 2 weeks” I think she’s confused. At first she wanted a brother, and a brother only! Then we started going through some of her tubs from when she was a baby and now she wants a sister. She likes all things pink and purple. I really don’t care what it is. If it’s a girl, I don’t have to do much shopping, if it’s a boy then we have to sell a bunch of stuff and buy a bunch of stuff. So either way I am fine. One thing I have been thinking about is, Briley is so tall and I am afraid that if it is a boy, he will get his momma’s height. Poor thing….

I know, I know…I can’t worry already about the boy that may or may not be in my belly. I love to dream, can’t you tell. So look out for my tweets, FB updates, texts, emails…whatever way possible I can get a hold of every person to let them know.

Please pray that everything is fine with the baby too. I can’t look past that very important detail

BTW, I am 95% sure it’s a boy! So now it's your turn to tell me what you think I am having!


Robin Meadows said...

I knew with two of my sons, that we were having a boy....but I thought that with one of my girls too :)

I'll be anxiously waiting to hear. Either way....YOU ARE BLESSED!!

Erin is due in October and she isn't finding out...even though she has a 4-d ultrasound near the end! She'll have to close her eye :)

megan k said...

I think you should not find out!! ;) I'm no good at this game though. I thought Coop was gonna be a girl... he came out with his manly glowing red! haha I'm not gonna lie, not finding out really is cool.

E.Gray said...

Both of the Grays think.....BOY! So we will see, Calin would love a Briggs to play with but he would like a Finley, to have as a second choice for a wife in case Briley thinks she is too cool for a younger man :)