August 14, 2009

I Finally Met the Man of My Dreams

A long, long time ago, this man or should I say college boy somewhat made his way to my heart/head. I remember the first time I ever heard him talk, it wasn’t his voice that got me it was what he said. We were at the DZ (Delta Zeta) house waiting on our bus to get there to take us to a field party called the Luau. This was my first college party, I had been on the campus of UCO for a whole month and already we were getting things going. I was sitting in the dining room with my date and a friend and her date. I overheard some Sig Tau guy ask other guys what they wanted to drink once they got to the field. A few of them made their order and one guy said “I don’t want anything, I don’t drink” What you don’t drink “Ya dude, I just don’t have a desire to drink”. Overhearing this I said to my friend I’m going to marry a guy like him someday. Of course we laughed it off b/c I was sitting next to my boyfriend. Drinking has never really been that big of a deal to me. So I really don’t know why that statement stood out to me so much, other than he stood firm on what he wanted in front of many Fraternity boys and Sorority girls. I guess I admired that.

Semesters passed boyfriends came and went but there was always something in my mind telling me find that boy, find him now. How was I supposed to find him I didn’t even know his name. I asked my friend one time who she thought that guy was and of course she said “I don’t know that was semesters ago, maybe it was Tracey the Sig Tau guy”. Ok well that was it, nothing was EVER going to come of this b/c I was NEVER going to talk to date or anything with a Sig Tau (now I am sure they are not all bad, but everyone that I had contact with was terrible.) Although I’ve heard that they have gotten a lot better on campus…good for them.

So I gave up. I was ok though b/c there was other boys that had my attention and I think I had theirs too. It was fun, but I knew one day I wanted to settle down and I knew who I wanted…I just couldn’t find him. Then I met a boy in Anatomy class, whom I thought was a HOTTIE, man his legs, yowza that were to die for. Those eyes, they pierced my heart every time he passed me a paper. We never talked in that class. Why? I don’t know…he was always talking to this other dude, and I was just there always talking to a fellow DZ friend. Towards the end of that semester we all kind of talked about what classes were going to take that next semester and that boy and I had some of the same classes. Hot rod, here’s my chance. One problem…I had a boyfriend. Eh, no biggie I’m not going out with new boy, just lusting after him, so no big deal right? If only I had known better. Obviously we didn’t have that great of a relationship anyway, since I was looking outward to find what I needed, instead of looking inward. So our new class together, I sat right behind him, just so I could look at his legs. Those legs were always shaking, like he was nervous or something…who knows. Maybe he just wanted to flex them for me all the time. I think he knew that I had a crush on him…well maybe not.

The next semester we (the anatomy) crew were in class once again with each other, sitting right by each other again. Planned? I’m sure! That class was a blast, I sat right next to Mr. Legs and a smart little booger was he, he made me want to be a better student. In this class I was finally single and I kind of liked it. I wasn’t looking for anything, seriously, I had sort of given up on Mr. Legs ever liking me, and so I thought he would be a great friend from College. Semester goes on and on and on. Still there was something there, something that I could not shut away, but nothing was going to happen I was sure. 2 weeks left in class and Mr. Legs’ friend Mr. Ornery said something that pretty much changed my life forever and made my heart skip a few beats. What did he say? He pointed to Mr. Legs and mouthed he likes you. Of course I hid my excitement by rolling my eyes and turning to my friend to see if she just saw that…and she did. I didn’t believe him; I just shrugged it off, but made my friend do some investigating. She asked Mr. Ornery if he meant what he said and he said that he was just joking around a bit. Man, did my heart break for a while. Then I didn’t really like Mr. Ornery after that, that was such an elementary thing to do. I was hurt, but I played it off really good in class. It was a little awkward in class, but there was still something there…for me.

The last class before finals came. I was sitting outside the classroom with all of Mr. Legs friends hanging around and talking. Here’s a side note: every time I would walk up to the group Mr. Ornery would always say “there she is” I don’t think he ever knew how much that made me feel good. Like they were all just waiting for me to get things going. Back to the lobby area….Mr. Legs was talking to this guy that looked an awful lot like Timothy McVea…poor guy. Anyways, Mr. Legs said something about being broke and that he couldn’t wait till he got his money for next semester. I didn’t think anything about it. We got into class and our prof. started going through the review and I realized that Mr. Legs didn’t need to be there, he already had a high enough grade that he didn’t have to take the class. So I asked him…what are you doing here shouldn’t you be at home or doing something better than this. He said that he had to drive Mr. Ornery home so why not wait for him here. Whatever…

As we were leaving class I was in front of him and he asked me “Got big plans tonight?” me “No, not really” him “Well, would you want to hang out?...if that’s what you kids call it now a days?” I thought…did he just ask me out? Again my heart skipped some beats and my mouth hung open (I am so glad he couldn’t see my face) Of course I said sure. I guess Mr. Ornery wasn’t kidding after all. Then he asked me for my phone number and said he would call me after the President’s Christmas party to see where I wanted to go and eat…I had to choose! What? He just said that he was broke. Now what was I supposed to do? Pay? So I settled on going to Taco Bell.

So long story already I know, but I am about to make it shorter. We went to Applebee’s and then went and looked at Christmas lights; I found out years later that his friends gave him money so he could take me out. We kissed some weeks later, went to San Antonio over spring break with friends, he told me he loved me on March 31st, 2000, I met his parents, we went to Camp Olympia together, I was with him when he found out his dad passed away, we had more classes together, he made me a better person and I think I did the same for him although he was great already, he moved to Texas after only being together 1 year, we went skiing with friends, we met in Dallas, I drove down there, he drove up here, we talked every night, we went to camp again, he moved to another town in TX, he surprised me by coming up here a couple days early and proposing to me, I accepted, we got married, we bought a puppy, we moved to KS, we moved to Tulsa, we had to send our puppy to a new home, we had a beautiful little girl who is everything her daddy is, we moved to Edmond, I got a job, we lost a baby, we cried, we prayed, we loved, we got pregnant again, I can now give him a Son that I hope is everything like his daddy, and I finally met the man of my dreams.

All those years ago, I thought I knew what the Man of My Dreams would look and be like. Boy was I wrong. Mr. Legs was my dream man, but now my husband, the father of my children, our family provider, my rock, my #2, my everything, my daughters everything, now he’s the man of my dreams.

On August, 17th we will be married for 7 years, and we’ve been happy in the past but we’ve never been this happy before. I think we are getting closer to figuring this marriage thing out.

Casey Laine Moore, Happy Anniversary and I just want you to know that I love you more today than yesterday and I only pray that our love continues to grow like this, day in and day out!

BTW, that boy at the DZ house…turned out to be Casey! I am not kidding! God was working all those years ago, and I thank him for Casey every day!

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