August 17, 2009

What should I do?

I am in need of some advice. Well there’s this boy that is coming to live with us soon, and I don’t have a thing for him. Ok I lied; I have like 3 outfits for him and some onesies that Briley wore that are unisex. I have gear for him like: the stroller, the swing, the car seat, the crib, the dresser, and we ordered the bedding today. I am sure I am missing something but you can see we have the gear!

What I don’t have are clothes for him to wear. I have like 10 tubs full of girl clothes which 95% of them are in GREAT condition. I would love to lend them to some girl mommy’s but we kind of need the money to buy Briggs some clothes. I looked into the JBF sale, but it is this weekend and there’s no way I would have all my stuff ready by then. I don’t think clothes sell very well on craigslist, and I don’t know how much I could get at Children’s Orchard. I could keep them, but we just don't have the room in our house to store her clothes and his and again we need the money. So, what should I do? Tell me, tell me!


E.Gray said...

The trade thing is great, that is what I have done with a friend from the gym, almost over 1/2 of Calin's clothes are hers and she is using brinley's for her little girl. It has been great, I wont have hardly 1/4 of the clothes to store after he is out of them, cause I just return most of them to her. Consignment sales are the best to get some decent money out of them, there are several that will be coming in the next couple months in edmond, church of the harvest and the other ones at churches here. You also will have to have a shower :) and you know we will help with that! So dont stress too much now, and it is true, they dont need nearly as many clothes, just a couple pants/shorts and then shirts :)

Mrs. Ross said...

I will need some 6-9 mos and up soon, if you want to consign some to me! Let me know!

Jenny.Lee said...

E-bay maybe?

megan k said...

Ok, here is my take... take it or leave it.

I never borrowed clothes. The one time I did, I didn't realize she wanted them back. When I found out she wanted them back I put them in the sack and didn't use them. I gave them back after he 'out grew' them.

I don't like to borrow b/c things get lost, spit up on, breast milk leaked on, torn, lost and pooped in more than once. Stresses me out to keep it all clean.

Soooo, I would try to just trade with someone who needs yours and they have what you need. (might be difficult)

Or do what I did... donate it all, use it as a tax write off and only buy about 10 onesies for the first 0-6 months since that is really all he will wear. Or maybe that's just my kids, they still live naked around the house. And boy stuff isn't that cute, so if they wear the same onesie with the football on the front every single day? Who cares. I ain't judgin' ya.

Other than that? You need a baby shower!!! hint hint you edmondites. I'll throw you one at Kristin's :) ahah seriously though. Let me look into that...

erin said...

If I have a girl in October we can trade! I have all boy clothes.

Erin (Ali's sister)