April 9, 2009


I know, I know...crazy that I am posting twice in one day and it's not even the weekend. Your welcome!

So I have questions about random things so I thought I would ask my loyal follower(s) for advice on these subjects. You have my permission to pass a long this post to anyone you think will have answers for me.

Ok, let's get started!

1. Sorry boys-I need new bras! I seriously have no idea what size I am or style is the best. I am not some fancy pants that needs to match my undies with the bras, so any suggestions are welcome. Where should I go to get one? Where do you all buy yours? I am not one to let some random person measure me for the right size, so does anyone know how to properly measure yourself? Maybe, I will enlist my husband to do that :) I've always been the sports bra type, but now that I am almost 30 I think my girls would appreciate the lift! Ok bring it...

2. Feet-my feet are horrific! As I have gotten older my heels have gotten worse. I have my dad's feet (like everything else I got from him) you know the hard, cracked, dry, rough heels. It's quite embarrassing even telling you all about this. But, I need help. I do the foot paddle thing, I put lotion on them, and still nothing. If you weren't blessed with perfect feet, then pipe up and tell me how you keep them under control. If you were blessed with perfect feet, um, well, good for you...be thankful! So tell this flip flop wearnin momma should do.

3. Hair- I was recently introduced to 2 new hair products made by Sunsilk. One was a cream twist and the other was a spray that were called Waves of Envy. Oh my goodness, am I in love. As most of you know I have crazy hair, one day it's curly, then straight, poofy, frizzy, it just can't make up it's mind what it wants to be. I normally use spray gel, or mousse when I want it curly, but it always leaves my hair crunchy. Then Sunsilk came into my life and it makes my hair so soft but not frizzy, just all around BEAUTIFUL! Ok so maybe not that beautiful but sorta nice. So my problem is this...I can't find it anywhere anymore, I've looked at Wal-Mart, Target, Ulta, I've had another friend look for me to no avail. Have any of you seen this in your area? I had no idea that Sunsilk was either running low on supply or is completely not making it anymore. My hair misses it...Can anyone help this wave girl out?

4. Blog signature-You know the names that are at the bottom of the posts. I would like to have one but I haven't figured out how to do it. Anyone know?

5. Bible-I am wanting to find a Woman's Bible, maybe with some life applications aspects to it, and devotions. I need something that easy to read and understand. I know there are many of my friends that have some so you best suggestions would be great. I have a Bible and it does a good job, but I need something that does an amazing job. Anyone have any suggestions?

That's it for now. I am sure I have more questions somewhere, when I do I will post again. So get to thinking and let me know your answers! Thanks ya'll!


Christi said...

Ok, I can help with just a couple (I need help on my heels too!)

For a free signature, go HERE: http://www.allblogtools.com/free-signature-generator/

I have seen and purchased Sunsilk products at Walgreens. Hope that helps:)

Love ya!

E.Gray said...

Hey girl, man you sure had a lot of questions. Ok so I have been told that there is an incredible bra place for us bigger chested peeps, you know the ones of us that dont need the pads like those found at Vicki Secrets :) and it is over by Gills off western, I forget the name but can find out. Sounds like they are pros and can size you quickly and have every kind of bra there, but they are pricy. However, for one that lifts, tucks, smooths, whatever you want, that will last, I am sure it is worth it.

Also the heel stuff, I too need some help, get a good pedicure and they can shave some of that off, and then I use to do this in college and it worked....get vaseline and rub it all of the soles of your feet and sleep in socks for most night of the week. It honestly does wonders.

Hope that helps too.

Ali said...

You could probally look online and find out how to measure for a bra. I had them do it at victoria secret. The best bra I have ever tried was one from dillards but it was really expensive. I can find out the brand. Unfortunately my dog chewed it up :(

I agree with Erryn about the vaseline and socks. It works great! Also i've been thinking about buying the ped egg because mine are the same way, i'll let you know how it works.

I just checked on drugstore.com and they are out of stock on both curl products. But you could always keep checking until they get some in. If you can't find them though I can recommend a few products to try.

I would like to know if you find a good women's bible. I've tried a few different ones but nothing I just love yet. Right now I have the women of faith bible and it's pretty good but not a ton of devotions in it.

Ok not sure if I helped at all but that is all I got!!

Jess said...

1. The store listed above is The Lingerie Store, it is pricy but the bras are nice, it is a small private store so they could measure you discreetly and fit you well. I personally wear some nice bra's from Lane Bryant. It's all I ever buy from that store but you know they are built for ahem, larger chested ladies so I appreciate the nice fit and lift.

2. Burts Bees Foot Stuff. They have this super thick gel stuff that I slather on my heels and then put socks on. I hate sleeping in socks but I got over it so that my husband will stop complaining about my shrek feet.

3. No Idea, sorry!

4. Agree with Christi above, I am too lazy to use mine most of the time!

5. I am looking for a new Bible too but I want a Message bible, not so ladies only but I want it!

So good to see you and your cute family on Sunday! Love ya!

megan k said...

Ok, so I am in the same bra boat as you. I wear a sports bra, umm everyday. Yes, everyday. "Well what do you wear with nicer tops?"one might ask. Answer, "I don't wear nicer tops, just t-shirts." I am not into how my body looks so I don't dress up. Sooo I too need a good bra. I did find this website http://www.herroom.com/bra-fitting-advice,901,30.html

just cut and paste it. If you find one, let me know.

2. I use the foot paddle every night to prevent rough feet. I hate when they stick to the blanket.

3. Not sure, I use Aveda product though. Try their website

4.No idea.

5. I still have the same one from high school.