April 9, 2009

My LG is the BEST

I have no words to explain what happened last night at group other than lives are being healed. Probably one of the most amazing experiences I've had with God. My doubts in God were lifted, and my heart was opened. I can honestly say that I didn't think I was really feeling that far from God, but I guess he needed others to show me just how much he needed me closer to him.

Today was kinda a weird day, I think I was having a de-briefing with God all day. My eyes were opened. I saw him in everything, I really hope that doesn't ever leave me. I thought it was awesome to see two birds taking a bath in a puddle close to my work. So cute, they were having so much fun and it was all because God takes care of them....they have no reason to worry where their next bath will come. I love that!

Sorry, if a lot of this doesn't make sense I don't really know how to wrap my brain around everything that God is doing right now. I continue to ask for prayers that he will keep showing me things, and answering my prayers.

Anyway, thanks to my LG peeps for being there and just know that you all did so much for me last night that you don't even understand. It's funny how one prayer will change a life :)


E.Gray said...

girl, we love you!

Ali said...

We do have the best lifegroup! We love you and you are always in our prayers!