April 5, 2009

Happy Early Easter

Today we celebrated birthday's and Easter with my family. We have a family birthday party every month, and usually they involve a holiday. Since my parents are going on vacation soon we decided to do Easter this weekend. It was so cold and windy outside that we hid the eggs in the house. As usual my mother counted the eggs as she was hiding them and said there were 69-70. When the kids got done finding all the eggs, I counted them twice and came up with 64. We searched the house high and low, no eggs were to be found. My mom still says it was 69-70, but come on mom just admit you miscounted....AGAIN! Every year she does this. It's like at Christmas when she would hide all the presents so I couldn't find them and then a month after Christmas here she would come with a present that she forgot she had hid. She's so funny! Enjoy the pictures!

Here's my mom, my cousin Tasha, her little boy Michael and Briley is in the background
Briley cheesing it up!All the eggs she found, she was so happy!
MMM, chocolate

Michael and Briley they were so cute. They both posed every time the camera came out.

More posing
Ok, now I had to get in on it.

Me and Michael
Sweet girl!
The two of them sitting in Papa's chair.
Goofy kids

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