March 29, 2009


I think I should change my blog name to: Only Blogs on Weekends! I can't seem to find the time during the week.

Not much going on here, just getting over a sinus infection. Work was really busy last week, so busy that I don't even remember what I left my desk looking like. The night crew must think I am a slob seriously there are probably water bottles, cups, papers, pens every where. Oh well I guess I will clean it tomorrow.

So that was some blizzard huh! ha ha

I am still not pregnant. I was a week late again. I am calling Dr. Goff tomorrow to see if there is something he can do, or if there is something else I can do. This is just ridiculous. Before my miscarriage there was only 2 other times I was was Briley and the other was the one I lost. So it's just a little odd to me. Oh well, I did cry a bit when I started but then I thanked God for answering my prayer "just let me know if I am pregnant or not". For those who know me, That's just who I am, and God is really working on that with me.

Briley is doing really good. Just for my readers who have younger children than out 3 is the new 2! What happened to my PERFECT child! Oh ya, she's still there we just have to dig for her a little deeper. Whew, she's one little Jessica when it comes to attitude. I often call my mom just to tell her "Sorry". Maybe if I can get this 3 yr old under control, I won't have to when she's 13...right? No really she's not that bad, just on certain days. I still love her and will keep her forever. Just today we were at Target, and she asked me "You're my momma right?" and I said "Forever", then she made me tear up a bit she said "YES!" Those are moments that are so small but it's the small things that make you over look all the terrible things. If I could I would have a million Briley's!

Briley is in a dance class and loves it so much. They have a recital at the end of May, and pictures are in 2 weeks. Their outfits are super cute.

Casey is doing good, we are smack dab in the middle of baseball season. Once this is over then he we will scott free till August when we start this cycle all over again. He's still looking for jobs, but is being very patient. I love him so much, and I just want him to be happy!

Well, May 2nd is fast approaching! I can't believe that I have a month till I will be sitting on a plane with some of my best friends on our way to Florida. I am looking past the thought of: 2 more months and I will be 30! Give me the beach, a towel and some good company and I am golden! Megan-I am taking LOTS of sunscreen, so don't worry about me! Is it to early to start packing?

Ok I leave you with a pic of a house that Briley and Casey made, and a bulletin board that I made for Briley's room.


Ali said...

Praying for that baby to be made =)
Hopefully it will just take relaxing on the beach to make that happen! I can't believe it is getting so close!!!

I need you to show me how you made that bulletin board because I have been wanting to make one for my girls.

Lindsay said...

I keep thinking you will have a 'vacation' baby because you will be so relaxed! Hone of us know God's plan, but he does wonderful things like that!

megan k said...

Will you think of me also while you are relaxing while protecting your hot bod? ;)

Ohh, you guys are going to have a great time!!!

This goes without saying, but we are praying for you and yours

Jess said...

Very cute board! And Cuter Briley as usual. Praying for the baby thing...I hope that your doctor can help you get it figured out. Ok, I changed my prayer to God giving your dr. WISDOM in helping you. Love ya girly!

E.Gray said...

I am praying for you girl, I know each month is probably tough when that time comes....I truly am sorry. I know that God has His perfect plan that is working right now, we just cant see it, but have faith that it will be revealed in His time. We are so excited to get to go on a vaca with you all, I am just smiling sitting here thinking about it. And Briley looks precious in her dance outfit, cant wait till brinley gets to do that :) Love you girl.

Jenny.Lee said...

I completely agree...3 is definitely the new 2!