March 22, 2009

New Adventure...soon


When I was younger I thought all home school kids were a tad bit weird. Not in a horrible way but just in a non-social way. I thought "man, they never get to have fun with PEOPLE", or "they are stuck at home, workin' the land, wearin' long skirts, long hair, just to get up the next day to do it all over again."

Ya, I was just a bit naive.

Now that I am all grown up and stuff, I have a different outlook on it. I am surrounded by people who home school their kids and have done such an amazing job. God has really put it on my heart recently that this is an avenue that we should probably take. It would give me more time with Briley one on one, and I would get to teach like I have always wanted to. Casey is behind
me 100%.

I still need to do MORE research, but I feel so good about this decision. There are so many things for the kids to do. Briley wouldn't be stuck at home wearin' some long skirt, (now the long hair may have to stay :)) workin' the land and etc. There are lessons to be learned everywhere you go. The Zoo, the Park, Crest, pretty much anywhere you go there is a lesson. I love that it is so freeing, I would be able to use my creativity to teach the way I want to.

Side note:
When I taught 1st and 2nd grade in Wichita, I had a student named Brittany, she suffered from ADHD. She was in 2nd grade and I was the first teacher that noticed something wasn't right. She was very smart, yet couldn't settle down enough to think straight. Brittany would fall out of her chair daily, because she couldn't sit still. Her parents were taking everything really well, they were trying to help her in any way they could, counseling, meds, more one on one work time. While I had her I thought that she would do so much better at her school work if I could get her a yoga ball to sit on. I talked to our blah "head master" to see if I could incorporate this for her, and if it worked then all my 9 students could do it. The "head monster" said that I could not because yoga balls were for PE not the classroom. Really, she said that. Clearly she didn't listen to a word I said. I was bummed, here I was trying to help this sweet little girl and from the top, all I got was NO! Well Brittany ended up going to Public School so she could get the help she needed. I was not supported at all in my school. Recently I heard about this on the news, I guess I was onto something.

See that's what I am talking about...I don't want someone telling me or my children NO to trying new things. This only pushes self-confidence to the back, then we think nothing is good enough.

Here's where you my bloggie people come in. If you can do anything for us it would be this, PRAY. Pray for our finances because right now I work full-time and will continue till God really shows us its time, but to truly home school...I kinda need to not work full time. We will be making some DRASTIC changes to our attitudes toward money and saving. Pray for our obedience toward our changes. Pray for the right people to be brought into our lives so we can make this homeschooling adventure work. Pray for resources to reveal themselves to us and for us to really grab on and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for reading. Now say a little prayer for us!


Jess said...

I will be praying for you as you make the decision and the neccesary changes to get there! Love ya!

megan k said...

First let me start off by saying, you would be a great homeschooling mom b/c you are so clever and creative *puck with jealousy* just kidding. ;)

I think when you feel God has given you the answer, work or teach, you will be taken care of for being obedient.

Nicole, my sil, goes to a homeschooling thing and she learns a lot. You should talk to her.

kacie said...

I'm with ya girl...this is a heavy burden on Chris and my heart too. Just never thought I would do it, but I too need to keep praying and research. I'll do the same for you. I have some stuff and names if you need them.

Nicole Knox said...

Tim and I will be praying for you guys!

Looking forward to spending time with you more.