March 12, 2009

The 3 Loves of My Life part 2

My number 2. What can I say about him in just a short post? There is so much that this post really won't do HIM justice, but I will give it a shot!

I first met my #2, (when I was with a WRONG #1) and my attraction was almost instant. I seriously didn't think he knew I even existed. We met in Anatomy class at UCO. I sat directly behind him and Jess and Susan (best man and bridesmaid) sat next to us. I don't know that we really said much to each other that semester but there was something about him that I couldn't get enough of. Was it his beautiful blue eyes, his curly wild hair, his A+ it was his legs! Seriously if you haven't seen his legs, just take a gander. He had me at legs. I know freak, right?

The next semester we all tried to get into the same classes just because we were friends and had fun in class. I actually made sure I took my classes the same time as he did, maybe this why he calls me his that how you spell it? (Stalker...yes that's it stalker) Well anyway we had many classes together over the next few semesters and then finally I got rid of the wrong #1, found my TRUE #1 and that #1 blessed me with my #2. Casey finally asked me out in Physiology class...on the very last day of class, and I was breathless, really I was, I don't remember there being anyone else in that room, that moment was only for us.

Why I said yes. I said yes, because I had been wanting to go out with him from pretty much day one. I said yes because he is better than I am. I said yes, because I obeyed God. Now granted I was a lot cuter back then...seriously, all thin and buff how could he not like me. :)

I said yes again 2 years later, and then 8 months after that I said I do to the man of my dreams. I love Casey so much, that my heart hurts to even think about it. I love those ocean blue eyes with eyelashes most girls would pay big bucks to have. I always loved his wild curly hair, there was just something about that untamed mop that I loved. Now I love his shaved head, whether his hair line moves further away from his forehead or not...I love him. I love his lips, it's a lip, it's a lip, it's a lip, lip, lip...sorry veggie tales snuck in. Those lips, they make my stubby lil toes curl just thinking about them...sorry had to. I love his sense of humor, boy can this man make anyone laugh. He says that I don't laugh at him anymore...but I do just sometimes not audible. His 2 favorite people to be around to make laugh are Zac and Kristin, these 2 make him feel like the king of the world they laugh at anything he says. Like I said, I do laugh at him but maybe just not as much as he would like. I need to work on that.

I love that my man, came from a broken family. God knew what an extraordinary person he was and is and placed many Godly people in his life growing up to make him the MAN he is. He is passionate, considerate, loving, kind, generous, on fire for God, and my baby girls daddy! That brings tears to my eyes just thinking about what an amazing daddy he is to Briley. I am jealous of their relationship, because I never had that growing up and I hope they never stop being best friends.

I love that Casey is brilliant. He has a wealth of useful and not so useful information. Although he has been told by many that he would be their phone a friend on that still on? He loves history, he's the only person I know that can name all the president's and in order. He loves maps. He could sit and look at a map for hours. He's the only one in our house that can make a boxed meal and not mess it up. He takes the trash out, he puts lotion on my back almost every night, he let's me fall asleep first then he comes to bed so he doesn't keep me up with his light snore. He takes and picks up Briley from day care almost every day. He gives B a bath every time, I fill in when he's working but that's their thing. He takes B to get doughnuts every Saturday.

He is my best friend. He accepts me for all my wrongs, and faults, I think he actually loves me more for not being perfect. His love language changes like most peoples do. Right now he is words of affirmation, and man have I been laying it on, I can tell he is so much happier and I really mean every word I say to him. BTW I am also words of affirmation!

He wants so badly to have a different job where he can be with us more. I love that! He actually wants to spend time with us.

I end on this note. Your #2's are amazing people whether I have met them or not, but nothing compares to my #2.

There are many aspects of Casey that I either left out or just wanted to keep for myself, but I hope that you see what I see, that God has blessed me with my PERFECT #2.

P.S.- Casey works at UCO, and oh about 9 months ago he calls me up and says "guess what I just realized?" "what?" "my office desk sits EXACTLY where we first met" I about fell on the floor when he told me that, the boy can't remember to put the clothes in the dryer but he remembers when God started working on us! AGGGH, I love him so much I could just squeeze him!


E.Gray said...

you both are pretty amazing people, and we are so happy to have you in our lives. We are better people and our kids are better people to have friends like you. Even our differences help strengthen us, and wow what a cute thing to watch our girls, they are oh so different but all the same in the end, they show love in different ways and are learning how to love each other using and tolerating :) other love languages (and learning to like those new things too). We love you all!!

Lindsay said...

This reminds me a lot of how I met my husband (in the UC, then we had a class together- chemistry). I have the same feelings- some thing about him may change, but I love those things now. I anticipate having the same feelings about him as a father in the coming months and years. It is refreshing to hear another sweet story- especially one that reminds me that mine is sweet.

ps- you were looking for the word, "stalker" ; )

Jessica said...

Stalker...that's it! Thanks Lindsay! I knew it wasn't right but I was in the zone of writing and didn't want to google it.

megan k said...

So was it the blue boo faunt hair that he had when it was football season or his 'real' hair?

And two Casey is an ecyclopedia.. We always said if we got on millionare he'd be our 'phone a friend.' But i'm not smart enough for the show.. BUT I can call him to ask random 'who sings that song' questions.. he always knows the answer!!