February 5, 2009


I know, I know...2 posts in 1 day, well I am home and I have the time so thought I might go ahead and do this! If you are lucky there may be more post today.
So the point of this post was to let you all know that Briley got tubes today. We had to be at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma this morning at 6:30. She did great, it took them a while to get to her but that was ok, at least we had time to play and talk to her about what was going on. The nurses were awesome and they really seem to enjoy their jobs.This pic is on our way to the hospital. She is NOT a morning person but she was doing fine with her fingers and blankie.

This was where we were waiting to go back and get started, she loved all the mats and toys. When we were leaving she got mad b/c she wanted to go play in the kids room.

Here she is just being cute!
She found the hair net thing, and put in on and all the nurses kept laughing when they would walk by. My little HAM!
She decided she needed to go ahead and get ready for the nurses to take her back so she climbed up in her bed, put the fingers in and started feeling her hair net...I guess it was soft. Then they came to get her and wheeled her off.
I forgot to take an after pic, but she was so cute all sleepy and limp, it felt good to hold her like that. I really hope these tubes work and that we don't have to do this again, even though it was a good experience it's just not so cheap!


megan k said...

didn't know she needed tubes!! glad she's good

Ali said...

I wished I had gotten pics of Sadie when she got hers. I forgot my camera that day. Glad she did good.