February 5, 2009

Pic Post

I love this pic, I just wish she would have looked at the camera....in all the other ones she was always looking somewhere else. Crazy nut!
Ready to go to Momo's Church

Such a beautiful day out, they decided to stack blocks on her head and then she would bend her head and the blocks would roll down the slide...very creative.

More block time with Daddy

And then it snowed! She loved it, she kept trying to eat the snow.


megan k said...

i was looking at that pic of B and case outside and thinking why did they edit the pic and put a black dot over B's face? we've all seen it before, why so secretive? haha then i realized it was the back of her head and she had a hat on. ahah

Ali said...

I love that first pic, you both look so gorgeous!