February 11, 2009

Update to Dr. Visit

This is an update to this. I got my test results today in the mail. They came back ALL normal. Which in a way is awesome...thank you Jesus, but then it's really crappy. Did I just use the words Jesus and crappy in the same sentence??? My bad! Anyway, what this means now...i don't know. My Dr. said he was sending my results to my OB to review, may he'll find something or suggest something.

Another thing...I am starting to have those same symptoms that I was having last month, and frankly I am trying to not pay much attention to them, but not totally ignore them either.

Just keep praying that God will reveal his plan soon. Thanks to everyone who was concerned about me, you all mean a lot!

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Ali said...

Keeping you in my prayers. I know this is a frustrating thing to have to go through. Love ya girl!