November 6, 2008

She's on Fire

Here are a couple conversations Briley and I had the other night.
1st convo:
Briley: Oh! I have to go poo poo
Me: Well hurry up and get in the bathroom.
Briley: (looking back at me, almost to the
bathroom) AGGH, I almost pooped in my pants.
I know, you probably had to be there. She has never said that before and I just lost it. Way to funny!
2nd convo:
Let me set the scene....I am giving her a bath sitting on her Elmo stool leaning over and wearing a tank.
Briley: Ha Ha Ha, I see your butt!
Me: What? No you don't, I'm sitting on it.
Briley: Nooo, it's right there! (She proceeded to point to my boobs! Yes that's right my boobs look like a butt to my 2 yr old!
Me: That's not my butt that's mommies boobs.
Briley: pulling my shirt down (I had a bra on) "He He I see your poo poo"
Again you probably had to be there but those moments are to stickin cute to not post something about them. Thanks for reading our gross humor.


E.Gray said...

that is just hilarious, gotta love the honesty in these little ones ;)

kacie said...

that is soooo funny!

kacie said...

that is sooooo funny!

megan k said...

Kids are filled with gross humor... :) funny story

Amy said...

Jumped over from a few sites... it is funny how in blog land we are all connected! I love to see who stops by my site, but doesn't leave a I am leaving a comment. Your family is precious. Oh, I love livechurch.tb too!