November 6, 2008


We had a great Halloween this year! The week of Halloween we took Briley to Storybook Forest at Arcadia Lake and we met up with our Life Group. The kids had so much fun running around, playing games, getting candy, looking at the props, roasting mallows, and just being with their friends. Take a look here and here for pics.

On Halloween we took Briley to the Edmond Downtown Trick or Treat on the Street event. There were so many people there, it was a blast. Briley got to go down a HUGE slide, she had a hard time getting up the steps b/c she kept stepping on her cute! With all the wind, she even had a Marilyn Monroe moment!
We then met up with Brad, Ali, Lily and Sadie, and the kids went around to each store and got candy....more than we could eat in a year! They walked in a cookie walk. They bounced in a bounce house that none of them wanted get out of.
We ran into Tim, Nicole, Nathan, and Micah Knox and then Nathan, April and Hannah Gomez, whom I have not seen in just about 7 years....they are still so stinking cute together!

We then trotted off to my parents house so they could see Briley in her costume and so B could finish her dinner. She got lots of yummy snacks from Momo and Papa. We went through all the candy that she got and my super sweet daughter gave her Daddy the peanut butter cups, b/c he LOVES them, and she gave her Papa what we called Old Man candy...bit o honey, and Momo got the sugar daddy's and chick o stick, Mommy didn't get anything...maybe she knows I'm on a diet :)

Then we went to The Gray's house for their annual Fall Party. There were so many people there with a lot more kids too! Briley jumped on the trampoline (and now she wants one), she played in Brinley's room, she ate more junk, sat by her daddy while he read stories to the kids, watched "Ariel Movie", and played with the 2 babies there Calin, and Brie. So cute! So all in all we had a great Halloween, Briley woke up the next day asking to go again....Mommy said, we ONLY go ONCE a year b-wa-ah-ah-ah.

So long Halloween...see ya next year!

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