September 11, 2008

FCA & Cal & The greatest Husband

Tuesday night we were invited to attend the annual FCA auction held at The Cowboy Hall of Fame ( I actually think it is called something else now), by Mark Herrin a.k.a. Coach Herrin as I will always call him.

I am so thankful that he invited us, he has always held a spot for Casey in his heart...he really cares for him and wants to see him succeed. What a genuine man!

So you may be asking what does CAL have to do with it???? Well, I love Cal Ripkin Jr. he is my favorite athlete of ALL time. Casey bid on a framed, autographed picture of him and we WON!!!! Really we never win anything so that in itself is amazing. Casey also unbeknownst to me bid on some really cute scrapbooking things for me and we WON that too. What a great night! FCA raised so much money that night so that they can continue to bring people to know Christ and to be that INFLUENCE to all kids. I just wish that we would have had a good FCA group at my HS so just maybe I would have been INFLUENCED a lot earlier in life. Check out what FCA did for my great friend Megan.
I will be hanging Cal in my office, so that it reminds me that i really have the best husband out there. He could have bid on all kinds of things for his office but he knows how much I love Cal. I asked Casey if we could hang it above our bed....he said no! Mantle? NO! Ok fine I will take him to work!

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megan k said...

That's nice!!! I was just thinking the other day about the FCA auctions and I was wanting to go to one...