September 10, 2008

Deep Down

*******UPDATE check out this link, I had great timing for this post 10 most obnoxious fan bases

Deep down inside of the Moore family we are SOONER fans! Sometimes I hate admitting that. I think it is because how fanatical people (my parents) can be. It's almost as if they worship the ground all SOONERS walk on....I guess that's another post in itself.

I only wish that people had that same fan fare about UCO anything. It's just not there, I know that when we were in college it was on like Donkey Kong. People were painted head to toe in blue and bronze. Super fans were out in full force, and the teams were receptive to it too. Where are those people now? It saddens me that things can change that much in just a few years. So I guess I just have to say that my dear sweet amazing husband is working his booty off to make UCO a place where people WANT to go to the games not where they are FORCED to go. As Pastor Craig says " Where there is no VISION the people parish". Casey can attest to that, there is a lack of VISION from the HEADBRONCHOS therefore, there people have parished.

I love UCO, it's where I made my life long friends, where I met the man of my dreams, where I could be the person I am and NO body cared. UCO is where my heart is and it will always be, it's just so hard when you have the other state schools going big time. We will get there, I have VISION for UCO.

These pics are truly sad, because I have nothing UCO for my dear B. It's just not available, yet again nobody cares about the little people!

(Don't worry the fish water is not that color, the sun is reflecting in it.)


megan k said...

I miss those days as well!! Terri and I once hitched a ride to a basketball game in Texas.

I was thinking about UCO Football the other day and missing going to the games. Ohh, the weather made me think of it all. It's been good football weather.

Lindsay said...

Thank you for posting this! It is so sad and frustrating to me that so many people loved UCO and made wonderful memories there, but act like OU is the only school in this state after they graduate. I am tired of seeing them dec their kiddos in it and not acknowledge that they received their education at UCO. FYI- the UC bookstore has kids stuff and when I pop this bun out of my oven- there will be no crimson and cream. my kiddos will be adorned in bronze and blue (also where Mommy and Daddy met and fell in love. )