August 19, 2008

RE:Fit For Her

I went to Fit For Her last night at 6:00. When I got there I asked the VERY young girl working there if she could give me a tour and tell me about the place. I think I caught her off guard or she's extremely new because she was nervous about doing it. She did it anyway! The place is super cute and compact. I expected it to be really packed because of the time that I went, not so...there were 2 on the cardio equipment, 1 on weights, 3 in the aerobics class, and 2 tanning. I kept asking the girl if this was a busy time for them and she said normally yes but today it was slow, I blame the weather. The place is very clean, and everyone seemed nice. I took B to the kids room, she loved it and she didn't want to leave I had to bribe her to get her to leave. In the kids room they have a TV with cable and on the cardio machines if you tune your TV to a certain channel you can watch your children in the room. They also have tons of books which B loved, bean bag chairs, and a few toys. All in all I think this place is going to work for me and it better because I have paid for it for 3 months!

I start my first workout there tonight....wish me luck! I can't wait to be tan in the dead of winter :)