July 1, 2008

My Miss B.

I just wanted to share couple pics of my Briley.
She is so funny and such a wonderful lil girl!
Sick with Croup and she still smiles :)

She's gonna hate me later in life! She's not a morning person.

Momma and Briley~ sorta blurry but cute!

Mouth full of brownie.

I have TWINS!

Make a HAPPY plate....please :)


Nicole Knox said...

That is one sweet girl! She is so cute. Like her mom=)

Ali Ruhman said...

Lily was looking at this with me and said "Briley is my best friend!" So cute! Can't wait to get the girl's together again. Have fun in Branson!! We will miss you guys tonight!

Jess said...

Her hair is getting so long!

Jess said...
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