June 24, 2008

Wedding Bells (WARNING this is LONG)

This Friday is the night! Our next to last friend is getting married. I say next to last because we are still waiting on that fateful day that we get the call that he has found THE ONE! I can't wait till that day, Even Jesus will be dancing :) I digress....

We are heading to Tulsa, Thursday night to be a part of Jess Loepp and Kelly Bullock's Wedding. They will be united as one Friday night. Casey is a groomsman and he feels so honored to be able to share this night with them. Jess was the best man in our wedding and pretty much the reason Casey and I started dating.

Let me tell you the story.....I'm feeling lovey right now so please don't puke. Anyway it was Fall semester 1999 at UCO in Physiology class, I was a lot cuter then so I can understand why I ended up being friends with Casey and Jess. There was one day that I guess Jess was feeling a little feisty and decided to lean back in his chair to get my attention (we were both sitting on either side of Casey) when he did get my attention he proceeded to say what only a middle school boy would say, he pointed at Casey and said "He likes you!" and gave me the Jess smile. Of course my first reaction was "NO WAY" and I turned and told my friend Susan what Jess had just said...and she just laughed. Ok so I couldn't get that whole event out of my head for days. I talked Susan into asking Jess at some PLC function that they (the smarties) had if he was kidding. He said he was! Dude total bummer, because I always had a crush on Casey just b/c he was super HOTT and so FUNNY, I didn't really know him that well. I did know that he was a Christian and at that time I am sad to say that I probably wouldn't have cared if he wasn't. That story to come later.

Anyway, what seemed like months was really only like a week I went with Susan and Beki to the ACACIA initiation party at some fun little joint where everyone was dancing and just really having a great time. I was on a mission...to find out if it was true! We get there and Beki goes off with Brandon, Susan finds everyone that she knows and I end up at the bar talking to my Big Bro' Chris Morris. Then I see Casey, Jess and the whole GANG pile in and my heart skips a beat. I said something to Chris about Casey and I remember him not being to happy that I was seeking Casey out....He thought Casey was to much of a good boy, Good thing I don't listen what people think! So I saw them, and Jess made me go over and hang out with them, I think he was doing his secret hook up. I was having fun, but I felt so out of place there was this girl there that I had no idea who she was and from an outsider looking in, her and Casey were acting like they were dating. Dude another bummer! I remember thinking that Jess was mean to lead me on like this about Casey. So the night got later and I was still hanging out with them and having a blast. At one point Jess told me that I needed to come over and hang out with them at their house. He said that they always have people over all the time and I was welcome anytime! I don't remember much more about that night except that I was really starting to like Casey and that it was such sad night because there was nothing I could do....he was taken.

BTW-he was not taken, the girl was Terri, and she was after her own man :)

What seemed like another year was really a couple days, I will NEVER forget this day as long as I live. It was December 10, 1999 in Physiology class again; we were reviewing for Finals. Reviewing for finals....I thought to myself why is Casey here, he doesn't need to take the final and I don't know that he has ever had to take a final (smartypants). I asked him why he was there and he said that Jess was his ride home so he thought he would just come to class anyway. WHATEVER GIRLFRIEND (that's what Briley would have said to him)! I just let it go thinking of all the things I could have been doing other than sitting through a finals review for a test I didn't even have to take. Once Mrs. Hooyman (now Dr.) released us we got up from our chairs and I was in front of Casey and he asked me if I had big plans tonight, I said no, then he asked "Would you want to go hang out with me tonight, if that's what you kids call it these days?" At that moment my mouth fell to the floor, mind you that he cannot see my face so to him I was calm and collected. I was NOT! Again my heart pretty much left my body at that moment. We were trying to figure things out when our Prof. called him to the front and I had to wait for him outside of the room, I felt like such a nerd! We exchanged numbers and I gave him my address.

Let me backup for a minute....right before we went into this class I was sitting outside the class by him and Zac was asking Casey about buying something or another, and I heard Casey say that he had NO money.

So when Casey came out of the class to get my info. he told me that I had to pick the place to eat, I remember thinking CRAP he doesn't have any money, I am going to have to pay for this date, or it will be the dollar menu at Taco Bell.

This is where I am still amazed at what wonderfully generous friends Casey has...years later I found out that all the guys Jess, Josh, Zac, and Rolland gave Casey some money so he could take me out to dinner. I tear up at the thought right now, because if it hadn't been for them I don't know that Casey and I would have gotten the chance to get together at that moment or ever.

I have always wanted to figure out some way of showing them how thankful I am that they did that, but nothing seems big enough. Any ideas??? Maybe our next kid can be named after them Joszac Rojess Moore or Jessro Joszac Moore. Think one of those will do????

Back to Jess and Kelly, I am so excited to see them get married. I don't know Kelly that well, but I know that Jess loves her and she loves him. What more can I ask for, for the man that got Casey and Jessica started! I know that Jess probably won't see this blog, but I want to say Thanks Jess! We love you! I wouldn't be Mrs. Casey Moore if it hadn't been for you and I wouldn't have a Mini Casey running around my house either. You know he always wanted to have his own Mini Me!

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hey girl! this is a wonderful storry! thanks for sharing...you brought back some memories:) beki