March 15, 2008

Phase 2

Last Friday the 7th, we were on our way to Tulsa when my phone rang. It was Jessica Grimm from Life Church. When she said who she was with my heart skipped a beat. I had pretty much put this whole new job thing at the back of my mind so it wouldn't consume me. She wanted to tell me that I had been selected to move on to the testing phase of Life Church's hiring process. This was super exciting news, I couldn't stop smiling the rest of the night. Jessica said that since I worked full time that I could take all the tests online at home. Yippie! That was awesome b/c I really didn't want to take vacation to do the tests, but I would have had I not had options.

When we got back home Sunday I checked my email and saw all the tests and pages of information that I had to send in. CRAZY, but I totally understand their process. So I printed out all the forms and started my other tests. Well, I had to re-print all my forms like 4 times b/c I am such a perfectionist. I then started to take my last test and I was in the middle of the very 1st question when I lost connection with the site. AGGGH, I tried to get back in it but they said they had already processed my scores....what scores, I barely even got to write anything down. I emailed Jessica and she said that she would re-send it, well 3 days went by and no email. I decided that I would go ahead and drop off all my forms so they could at least have that, I did that on Thursday and then Robin called me on Friday morning to see if I could just come in to take that last test. I was already home with Briley b/c she was sick but I was able to go and take the test. Everyone there was so nice and really helpful too! I took the test at noon and finished by 1230. I left there to go pick up Briley's meds and to go to work. It was 300 and I thought I should look at my phone to turn the sound off and I saw that Robin had called. So I listen to the message and she had called at 1248 all of 18 minutes after I left! She asked me if I could come in for my 3rd interview on Monday! This is all moving so much faster than I thought it would, but I am super excited.

Robin had also mentioned that they didn't think that I was quiet ready for the actual position I applied for but that she wanted me on their team and she wanted to know if this other position would be ok for me. Of course it would be, that's thing about LC, there is always room for growth and promotions! Now, I don't really know what position I am being interviewed for but I really don't care, as long as I get to work there then it doesn't matter!

Wish me luck on Monday!


megan k said...

Luck and how bout some prayers coming from the Knox house. How about I'll pray for you and this job if you pray it's God's will for this baby to come a wee bit early? Deal?

Jessica said...

Deal! I really do hope the "it" baby comes soon, I need another baby fix!