March 17, 2008

Phase 3

Well, I had my 3rd and I think final interview with Life Church! I thought it went really well, I put on the charm and I really hope it worked. I probably won't know anything till next week so I will update you soon.

A funny thing happened at work today, I went into my supervisors office to get my pay stub and was like "I'm glad that you came in here, I need to talk to you." I am thinking okay what about? She starts out the conversation by saying "Not that I want to lose you to another job" at that moment my heart skipped a beat. Does she know, who told her, did LC already call her? All those questions went through my mind. She continued to tell me that there is this new position that came open at the CVB and she thought that I would be a great candidate for the job. So by now my heart is slowing down dramatically, and I start laughing on the inside, b/c she has no idea what is going on in my world. I think she will understand if I do get the LC job, I have a pretty good feeling about it. So I guess if I don't get the LC job I have her "blessing" to go after this other job. I'll keep you posted!

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