March 15, 2008

Casey's 30th

Last weekend was Casey's 30th birthday! We stayed the weekend in Tulsa, in a wonderful hotel. Friday night we went and ate at Lone Star, this whole event reminded us how much we hated the traffic in Tulsa. Does anyone ever eat at home? We went to 3 different places before we found one that didn't have a 2 hour wait!

Saturday was the best, we got up and went to this hole in the wall diner called "Tally's" it was super good. Then we went to Utica Square which I love! We were trying to find Casey some cool shoes that he could wear. No luck at Utica so then we went to Target still no luck and then finally we went to Shoe Carnival. They were having a buy one get one 1/2 off sale, so I told Casey to go find him some shoes and I would look for some shoes for Briley. Well, they don't have very many cute shoes for toddlers, so I thought I would look for myself some luck. What in the world was wrong with me, I was in a store full of shoes and I can't find one stinking pair! By this point I am mad, so I tell Casey to just find him another pair, some 30 minutes later he hasn't found anything, so we were headed up front to pay and finally Casey found me a pair of Skechers. How hard is it to find one pair of shoes in a huge store full of them.....I must be losing my touch.

After we left the shoe store we headed to The Henness' house. Josh and Kristin just welcomed their 2nd lil boy into the world on 2/22/08. Drew Garyson Henness looks just like his older brother Cole Wayne Henness. I can't wait to see what Drew looks like when he gets a bit older. They are so cute! We hung out there for a while and I got my baby fix! We then headed to Ted's to eat. We only had to wait 45-55 minutes, not that bad since we had 11 people with us. Casey got his wish and the staff at Ted's put a sombrero on his head and sang a great Happy Birthday song! Of course Casey loved every minute of it. Kristin took a pic of it so when i get it I will post it on here.

We then went back to The Henness' and all of the guys played some Wii game and it was really funny watching them play and all the movements that they have to make to play the games. I told everyone that Casey would complain about being sore after all the games and he was sore but he didn't complain as much as I thought he would.

All in all I had a blast on his 30th birthday I sure hope he did too!

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