February 28, 2008

The 12 days of Casey

So Casey's birthday is next weekend and I think I am more excited about him turning 30 than he is. He really doesn't care how old he is, and neither do I but I just love birthdays!

I was trying to be this wonderful wife and do the 30 days of Casey.....well when that time arrived I didn't have anything planned. So then I thought okay I'll do the 15 days of Casey....yep you guessed it, that didn't work either. I then thought ok I will do 12 days of Casey....this has worked. Yesterday was the 1st day of this great event and he still has no clue as to what i am doing. His present yesterday was a photo that I had made for him of Briley so that he can put it in his office....super cute! Today's present was a new briefcase in the Broncho colors, he really liked it. I have yet to get him something for tomorrow but one of my ideas is to have a BBQ dinner for him so I might just do that tomorrow.

I wish I was more creative, but this is really hard.

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megan k said...

That's a cute picture