March 25, 2008

Almost Crusin' Time

I leave in 24 days to go on my 1st cruise. There are 30 of us going, and I assure you the boat, the staff, the other cruisers, and possibly MEXICO will never be the same again. We will either frighten them, or help them have the time of their lives.

The reason we are going on a cruise is because my mom is turning the big 5-0 in May and she wanted to ring it in, in style. Pretty much everyone in my family is going, except my husband and daughter....his schedule didn't allow it (so what's new). I have 2 of my greatest friends going, and since they are pretty much family they signed up in a heart beat.

I am getting so excited, and I can't wait to see Mexico and go snorkeling. Please pray for me because I am terrified of fish, and I would rather not have a panic attack and drown in 5ft of water. I have to go snorkeling because I have always wanted to and I need to face my fear.

Anyone have any advice on what to take and what to do????


TVanHarley said...

Franny!!! You will have a blast. My fam took one my last year of highschool (a decade ago, true). We are more alike than I thought - SAEKHO SISTER ALSO TERRIFIED OF FISH!!! Make sure you are with your friends and fam and have one of them be on Franny-watch and you will do great! If the boat docks to allow for time on islands, consider shopping, having your hair braided, surfing, or possibly a buise cruise. Take lots of pics for me to see when you get home!

megan k said...

I'd take a light jacket, good pair of walking shoes and a hat. We went in Oct. and I got kind of chilly in the dining area, but that's me, I get cold easily. The walking shoes are for scoping out the sites at your ports of call and the hat, well I always wear a hat. ;) Oh and snorkeling, the fish probably won't come near you anyways. Probably.

Ali Ruhman said...

Hey girl, i'm glad you sent me your blog! I love reading blogs.

Where are you going on your cruise?
I have been on two they are so much fun!

Nicole Knox said...

We have been on 2 cruises with Ali and Brad and they are so much fun! Hope you have a wonderful time.