March 29, 2008

Spring TIme

It is Spring cleaning time at the Moore house!
In the next few weeks we will be cleaning out :
The closets....we actually started this one today. I took out all my winter clothes that I didn't wear this year and we donating all of it. Amongst all the clothes I found a bag full of clothes (that I vacuumed sealed) that do not fit, so instead of hanging onto them looking for that one day when I will be that size again I decided that there is someone out there that could use some good clothes, so I have parted with them.

Changing the decor, from Winter colors to Spring colors with lot's of whites and bright reds.
The bedding, we've got to get that heavy comforter off for something more sweating at night!
Ah yes gardening, I am ready to get my flowers going and clean out all the dead plants. My backyard is so bad but yet so pretty with all the yellow and purple "flowers" growing in my grass,
man we need to spray and mow!

The big one is cleaning out the garage, this is the time that re-evaluate what we have in the garage and get rid of most of it, the garage walls also need to be painted....I wish I could paint it something funky but Casey would not be cool with that, like at bright blue or hot pink....
I can just see his face if I did those colors. and it wouldn't be a smile.

Then finally just overall organizing of the house again, over the holidays I think we have forgotten where things actually belong, like photos don't belong on the floor in the closet....who did that? I blame Briley!

What are your Spring cleaning plans?


megan k said...

Our house is so small everyday is spring cleaning day! We can't hang on too much stuff or we'd be in trouble. ;)

Nicole Knox said...

We nned to do spring cleaning once a month at the Knox house=) All three of my men have two much. (can a girl have to many clothes and shoes) ha ha

Ali Ruhman said...
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Ali Ruhman said...

We just did this recently and got rid of so much stuff!! I just finished the girl's room last week switching out winter clothes for summer clothes. Organizing and getting rid of toys they no longer play with. Next is the kitchen cabinets!! I love to clean!!