March 21, 2008

I think I am a bit jealous!

Great news, the UCO Men's Basketball team has made it to the D-II Elite Eight. This is only the 2ND time in school history and they have one of their best teams there! So why the jealousy? Well, my husband gets to go with the team to Springfield, MASS., that's way the heck out there. I am jealous because I will be here at home with a 2 year old that will ask for him everyday and want to see him at that moment, also because he will be away from me. I know for a lot of people they are happy to have their spouses leave for a small amount of time, the only problem is...Casey is gone a lot during the week for games and he's gone almost every weekend. He always is home for the night but it is usually after I go to bed or right when I go to bed, so I don't get to see him at all. He is my best friend and I really miss him when he's gone, I love getting to hear about his day and all the fun things and the not so fun things that he gets to do, and in turn I get to tell him about my glorious day at work and then my time at home with Briley. I have to keep telling myself that the season is almost over and he will then be home all the time, and come August I may want him to LEAVE again. It's such a viscous cycle, but I am looking forward to May when all sports are done.

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megan k said...

matt wondered if he would get to go... now he knows. :)