June 2, 2011


Well, I just noticed that it's been almost a month since I've updated this blog. I'm so sorry to my readers.

I'll update you on what's been going on here. Well, at the beginning of May our laptop died...so that's another reason why I've been MIA. We bought a new one and it works great, I LOVE it! We celebrated Mother's Day at my parents house and Briley had her dance recital that same weekend. I'm a terrible mother...I didn't get one picture of her in her dance outfit on that day. I did film the dance so I guess that will get me some brownie points.

Mother's Day weekend I also co-coordinated our church's Child Dedications. I love doing the child dedications, such sweet families publicly promising to raise their children for God's glory! So WONDERFUL!

We ended our school year, and we've been having so much fun just hanging out and doing whatever we want. We've visited the Science Museum, The Zoo, Farmer's Market, my old Co-Workers, The Library, had park picnic with Daddy, amongst other things! Briley lost her first tooth too! She was super excited and was paid $1 for the tooth :)

We celebrated Memorial day weekend with our Lifegroup friends, which involved a very brisk swim in the pool. The kids didn't care at all! We got our fence put up and it looks so good. Briggs has given up his morning nap, so that's fun. We can now go places in the morning and have the rest of our afternoon at home before he naps in the afternoon.

That's about all for the past month! Tomorrow is my 29th birthday for the 4th time and I'm so excited to go out with my sweet husband! Dinner and a movie at the Drive-in!

Here are a few pics just for fun

Briggs and Casey 
Briggs loves to swim  
Silly Sis! 
Briley's first lost tooth!

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