February 14, 2011

My Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...It's a beautiful day, I'm loving the warmer temps after the last few weeks we've had!

I am thinking... I don't need 1 day to make sure my husband and kids know I love them...I'll take all the other 364 days to express to them how much they mean to me. However, I will NEVER turn down chocolate and flowers! Happy Valentines Day to everyone out there.

I am thankful...my church {Lifechurch.tv}. What a wonderful weekend of worship and an amazing new series. Thank you Pastor Craig for all you do. {like he reads my blog}

From the learning room...We are working on Money, Synonyms and making crafts all week!

From the kitchen...

Monday-  Pancakes and Eggs
Tuesday- Grilled Chicken and Sweet Potatoes
Wednesday- Pasta
Thursday- Leftovers
Friday- Casey is in charge of dinner for him and the kids, I have dinner at Bunco
Saturday- Dinner with my Mom, Aunt & Briley  
Sunday- Dinner at my parents house

I am wearing...grey pants and a pink shirt

I am creating...curtains for the Credo House {my sewing machine keeps messing up}

I am going...
Monday- Take my sweet friend breakfast for her birthday. 
Tuesday- Watch 3 little girlies!
Wednesday- Hair cut {FINALLY}, shop for art class and Lifegroup
Thursday- Co-op and Briley's dance class 
Friday- Zoo with friends and BUNCO!
Saturday-Going to IKEA with my Mom, Aunt and Briley
Sunday-Church and then out to my parents house for a visit with my Grandpa

I am reading...The Stranger On the Road to Emmaus, Take 2 by Karen Kingsbury and Shepherding your Child's Heart

I am hoping...That we have a great week and enjoy being outside in the warm weather

I am hearing...Briley play in her room {Briggs is napping}

Around the house...Not much going on, just dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and cooking

One of my favorite things...Watching Briggs crack up at himself. He's found his sense of humor and how to make others laugh. I love it when my kids play together and all you can hear is laughter...{this doesn't happen all the time} It's music to my heart

Prayer Request...Can you pray for my attitude...frankly it stinks, not sure if it's because of being cooped up for a month or what, but it needs to GO.

Picture for the week
Love her baby blues 
Briggs LOVES the trampoline...it makes a great play pen while we are outside ;) 
 My little Dopey
 Cutie Pie

Have a wonderful week!


Vanessa said...

Love your blog! Your kids are so beautiful and I love their names, been meaning to tell you that

megan k said...

My attitude was stinky also. Too many days indoors with not much to do. I wasn't prepared for so many days. Haha!! But with this warmer weather I feel rejuvenated, refreshed. Like I'm getting a do over. :) I am determined to takethe kids to the zoo this week all by myself! ;)