November 23, 2010

Etsy Day {Christmas Gifts Ideas}

This is not an all inclusive list of gifts. I put on here ones that I LOVE and that I think some people would like. I love the challenge of buying Christmas gifts. I really try to make it personal for each and every person I buy for. I pay attention to things they wear, listen to, drink, talk about...etc. I love all the gifts that I have bought my family members this year, some of them even came from I can't wait to see everyone open their gifts up and see their sweet faces! Hope you enjoy this list and find some new and inspiring items.

Pretty Flower Pins by Bien Aime
Stacked Pearl Rings by Rozzie
I LOVE this necklace. I would love to have this to represent our baby that we lost in '08. I would put Heaven on the circle charm, have the jewels be January's birthstone, because that's the month our baby would have been born and I would put Baby J on the big circle charm. Made by CT Jewelry Design
Soy Candle by Greenbriar
Tiny Mirror by Secret Window
Leg Warmers by Leshas
Cowl Scarf by Bena Basil's Design
Tote by E.L. Riley
Wallet by BT Accessories

Hope you found something fun!

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