November 16, 2010

Etsy Day {Christmas Decorations}

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. The smell outside is so fresh, the spirit is jolly, and there are so many beautiful decorations ready to dress a home. Christmas is a big deal around my home and my parents home. I'm even more in love with Christmas not only because my sweet son was born 3 days before, but that my almighty Jesus was born. I don't want the decorating, baking, shopping, parties and more to take away from the real true reason for the season. So let's dress our homes for Jesus' birthday! Hope you all find some unique ideas.

Christmas words vinyl wording by Design Divas
Paper ornament kit by Carlos N. Molina
Tin ornament by Cottage in the Sun
Retro felt ornaments by rikrak
Love these baby block ornaments. What a great idea. By Said in Stone
Pink felt ruffle stocking by 5 Miles in the Snow
I'm in LOVE with these! Made by Chic Mommy Bags
Love this Jingle Stocking by Deekie Belle Designs
Feather wreath. LOVE IT by Blue Butterfly Shop
Flower wreath. Looks so fresh by Fish in the Attic Studio
Christmas Tree Skirt by Personality

Happy decorating. I would love to see your houses all decorated. I will put up pics of my house when I get them done!

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Buffy said...

I love that you shared this. I love this time of year, but as I decorate, I think intentionally about why we celebrate this season. With each piece I put out or hang up, I give praise for His love for us. I remind the kids (and myself) that it is Jesus' birthday we celebrate. We celebrate Him because He gave His life for us...the only gift that truly matters in our lives. When all the pretty wrappings are tossed out and we tire of our spoils, that gift will still...well, be. So humbling to remind myself of this.