August 2, 2010

My Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... I see a beautiful sunny day that's gonna turn into a ridiculously hot day!

I am thinking...I have so much to do before we leave Thursday for our Life Group Family Trip. I have to pack for 4 people plus get our food for the weekend...I don't know how some of my friends do it who have more than 2 kids. I applaud you!

I am thankful for...My mom. She is going to come watch my kids on Monday's and Wednesday's so I can go work out. She's the best!

From the learning room...Still looking for a good deal on KONOS Volume 1 curriculum. I realized today that I have 37 days till we start our schoolwork. BTW, Briley wants our mascot to be the Penguins...I thought it would be something fun for us to do.  It would give our school a little identity and have fun doing it. Penguin Power :)

From the kitchen...We are SOOO out of groceries, but I am being very creative. We are only home for 3 nights this week and then we are off on our trip.

Monday-  Sausage, Egg and Cheese biscuits/English muffins
Tuesday- Leftovers
Wednesday- Out with Casey
Thursday- Casserole night-Poppy Seed Chicken {we are all bringing a different casserole dish to share}
Friday-  Hamburgers/Hot Dogs
Saturday- Fajitas 
Sunday- Not sure, we'll see if there is anything leftover from the trip.

I am wearing...Black pants and Grey tank.

I am creating...Still working on the entry way table cover and my entry way artwork didn't work, so I am coming up with something else.

I am going...
Monday- Workout and Casey is taking Briley to the $1.50 theater to see Shrek.
Tuesday- Bank and packing for the trip and Casey has an EYP Networking event.
Wednesday- Workout, visiting my friends at The City of Edmond and grocery shopping with Casey.
Thursday- Leaving for Marval Family Resort
Friday- Marval Family Resort
Saturday-Marval Family Resort
Sunday-Coming home and grocery shopping for our house...finally! {it's been over a month}

I am reading... Nothing right now. I got a book from the Library last week and started reading it and realized I have already read it. I need to get a different one for our trip.

I am hoping...I can get all our things packed and not forget anything.

I am hearing...Elmo's World on the TV

Around the house...My dining room has turned into a storage unit. Our table is holding all my Fiesta ware...we are trying to sell it so I can get different colors. I can't wait till our dining room is done so we can move on.

One of my favorite things...Dipping Oreo's in milk.

Pictures for the week
Lil Taco standing up at our back door...he wants to go out so bad. Sorry buddy it's WAY to hot!
Getting ready to swim at Momo and Papa's {my parents house}
This is the only way I can get him to sit in the sink...give him a paci to chew on.
My cutie at Chuck E Cheese for a party!

Have a great week!

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